Who we are

About the Founder

Ingrid Butaya is the heart of WE ARE UNO.

Already as a child she had the dream to help the poor. It has been her wish to improve the housed and unhoused communities.



At present we provide warm homemade vegan meals to the houseless people 2 to 3 times a week.

We provide them clothes, shoes, phones, blankets, etc. We also enable the unhoused to cultivate their own spirituality no matter of what religious denomination.



A generous person has donated an RV to We are Uno which will be used as a “mobile home” in which unhoused individuals can take shelter for 1 to 3 nights.

Ingrid’s vision is to create an intentional vegan community free from alcohol and drugs. This will be a sanctuary for like-minded people.

Why do we use the word unhoused instead of homeless?

As a faith-based organization we know that the divine Spirit has already given every individual a home for refuge and strength.