Our Volunteers


We are grateful for our precious volunteers

We couldn’t do much without our amazing volunteers. Any we always need and appreciate more volunteers.

You also want to volunteer for us? Great, we always appreciate any help.

Please call us at 424-558-4627 or send us a message via contact.


Thank you dear Aryeh! (left side)

Very fortunate to have you as part of our team, the love you express and the work you do is invaluable! The volunteer that has been the longest  in the We are Uno team! Thanks and blessings! 


Thank you dear Hector, Erin, Dary and Emi

(from left to right)

for the many hours cooking at the National Guard1 facility. Thanks and blessings! 


Thank you dear Cameron,

for the sweet pure love that you bring to the Organization, it is a blessing like no other! Blessings back!


Thank you dear Erin,

for caring and giving, we need many more like you!

Thanks and blessings! 


Thank you dear Naomi (right side) 

for you wonderful help and your great fliers! Blessings for your love and many blessings! 


Thank you dear Brother Michael, 

the way you give with all you have makes this world a better one!

Blessings come from blessing!


Thank you dear Nikie

I could never express how wonderful to have  had your help from the very beginning! Your joy and love shower humanity all around! Blessings. 


Thank you dear David (right side) and Shawn  

You are great committed people to help do the good job of recycling! Blessings for your blessings to all! 


Dear Alex,

thanks for sending a sunshine of blessings 🙂  We need more caring and kind people like you!  

Dear Shawn,

Thanks and blessings for bringing so much purity to bless all at We are Uno! 

Dear Priscilla,

Thanks for the exchange help with the We are Uno phone program, blessings for many! 

Dear David,

what blessings you have brought to We are Uno with your great “More Love”!  

Dear Arvind,

thank you for all your blessings!