Vegan meals

healthy and happy

We have been bringing Vegan meals to the camps of unhoused people for 9 years, and they are all homemade meals. The unhoused people love the food and appreciate our efforts, especially when it is cold they are greatful for a hot meal! The great thing for us is that we do not support the suffering and slaughtering of innocent animals.

Homemade food

We make the food ourselves with all our love. Everything is of course vegan because we want to bring peace, happyness and health to the people and the animals.

Environmental friendy

We believe to solve the problems with the environment it is paramount that everyone understands and practices taking care of our natural resources. For this reason, Feed, Heal, Shelter operates as a green organization in all possible ways. We recycle, carpool, use less gas, and promote this to others.

Pigs are Dogs

Every animals is an indivudual that wants to life in a natural surrounding with other members of their species. Every animal has individual needs and experiences life differently.

Farm Animal Sanctuaries

We support Farm Animal Sanctuaries where farm animals can live finally a happy life without being exploited for milk or meat. Here is a Dharmada, a volunteer with a rescued rooster in Kindred Spirits Care Farm.