Tent project

FOR NOW a tent

Houseless people often don’t even have a tent.
They sleep in cardbord boxes or just right on the cement!

Dharmada, one of our volunteers, out of a great love for the houseless, had the idea of donating tents to them. “Every time I walked around in our neighbourhood in West Los Angeles I saw people sleeping on the floor. They did not even have a tent or many times a pad, I thought this is the least that a human being should have. So I decided to do something about it, so I ordered 5 tents on ebay to contribute with this work.” Dharmada went with Sister IB to the camp and have helped the recipients to build up their tents. And here started the We are Uno tent project!

Tent 1

There is so much joy to receive the tent from someone that lost his place when his roomate passed on! He was very glad and grateful.

Tent 2

What a good way to help our veterans to at least give a tent over their roof lie this one, and he was proud to have gone the vegan way in the military!

Tent 3

This recepient was not olny glad to receive the tent, but was very grateful to be listened to, so we gladly stayed for long and heard great stories!

Tent 4

This houseless person was not only glad for receiving the tent and Dharmada was very glad to set it up together! He also was grateful for the variety of fruit that he also received.

Would you also like to make someone happy and donate a tent?