Uplifting the Communities in Greater Los Angeles

Helping others


Ingrid Butaya

our mission

Uplifting our community

Apart from helping and healing the unhoused community, we carried out business recycling programs, knitting for donations, neighborhood cleaning & vegan dinners. We also plan on launching programs to help uplift teens.

Fresh beetroot lentil vegan burger with grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes and guacamole sauce
We go the vegan/plant-based way

We have been providing vegan homemade meals for over 9 years now! This is not even about food, the earth, or health, this is about top priorities: humanity's compassion, love, and kindness, which in return will keep us well, healthy and happy.

Helping the unhoused

We firmly believe that apart from the efforts the Government makes, if every individual would help on what one can, houselessness would have already been eradicated from our society. "With God (Spirit/Divine Love) all things are possible."


Being an environmental organization, we focus on starting from home on educating our wonderful volunteers on water conservation, recycling and reuse, composting and zero-waste practices. We have helped many businesses in Los Angeles to start recycling.


Doing something to help some individual or organization (yes, such as this one), makes us feel useful and is way more satisfying and gratifying than having only things done for ourselves. If you haven’t experienced this, here is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding that will surely change your life. 


What we are about

Our ultimate mission at We Are Uno is to provide diverse shelter solutions to the Los Angeles communities in a dignified way. For now, we focus on providing clothes, prayers, phones, shoes, and only homemade vegan meals to the unhoused population to meet the immediate need,  We have experienced  that this way we foster trust and confidence among them so that we may better provide our services in addressing their issues and meeting some of the basic needs.while preparing for the essential and permanent housing solutions.